Subproject 3

Black liquor to DME/methanol

The objective of the proposed subproject is to cover the full technical and commercial impact of locating a plant producing DME/methanol from black liquor at a Södra Cell pulp mill located in Mörrum, Sweden.
Out of the eight work packages, there are three basically scientific key activities for SP 3:

  • WP 1 will generate plant data which is to become a basis for simulation of the commercial and demo plant concepts

  • WP 4 will generate laboratory data from pulp cooking tests with the new type of cooking liquor produced through gasification applied to the pulp mill which shall hose the demonstration plant;

  • WP 5 will generate engine test results when run with DME of such a quality which can be expected from real DME producing plant.

Results will provide input data for the preliminary engineering design of the demo plant at the Södra Cell Mörrum pulp mill for which the pulp tests are carried out. The engineering will both address technical plant features in syn-gas handling and conversion and investigate impact on the pulp mill when the demo plant is linked to the mill operation. Activities will address the fuel logistics, handling and trading for both DME and methanol and will also focus on the LCA aspects of SP 3.

BtL-process development

Comment Filename Date Size
Summary SP3 results Please click to download 2008-05-28 835 kb
Chemrec - Report with evaluation of the Skoghall plant performance Please click to download 2008-05-28 413 kb
Södra - Preliminary engineering of the balance of plant systems and changes in the mill's energy and mass balances by implementation of a BLGMF demo plant at the Mörrum pulp mill Please click to download 2008-05-28 528 kb

Technical assessmet of BtL pathways and fuels

Comment Filename Date Size
Ecotraffic - Distribution strategy for DME and methanol on the Swedish fuel market Please click to download 2008-05-28 759 kb
VTEC - A tentative fuel specification of engine grade DME Please click to download 2008-07-03 45 kb